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Who We Are?

Almost everyone could use a little extra income. How would you like find a way to earn that extra money, where you could be your own boss, where the only limit to your success was how hard YOU and you alone were willing to work?. BLESSCUSTOM might be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

BLESSCUSTOM offer an in-home shopping service by bringing the product samples in to the customer home. Customer’s are shown actual photographs of window treatments as installed in other customer’s homes. We offer a free estimate.

we strive to bring you cost-efficient, effective and high-quality professional service.

Join my team of BLESSCUSTOM consultants and you’re on your way to that independent lifestyle you’ve been seeking. BLESSCUSTOM products are indispensable and universally esteemed. You can be proud of the products we are selling.

- Babu (TIM) (972 342 5377)

Customer obsession: We will consistently strive to ensure that our customers are delighted at the end of every little interaction with us. We are all ears to any feedback that can help improve every interaction.
Honesty and transparency: What we know and what we do is out there. We place a premium on sharing information honestly with all Customer's.
Excellence in every small thing we do: We indulge in attention to detail at every step of our journey. Hundreds of such small steps ensure that every customer gets great furniture and great service.

Our goal is simple – While our vision is noble, we back up that vision with reliable, trustworthy, professional service, high-quality industry competence, and unparalleled creativity and passion that make a distinct difference in the designs we create.
Contact us now to find out how together, we can propel your Home to the next level of smartness.